Our History

Memories from the Past
My name is David Lane and about 50 years ago I played a few games with Brecon Rugby team. I used to live at Llandetty, went to the Brecon Boys Grammar School before emigrating to Australia at an early age and I have more or less been here ever since. I am getting a bit ancient and have just written down what I remember of my life as a record for my children and grandchildren.( A bit self indulgent, but there you go ...) The B.R.F.C. gets a mention.
I went to your excellent web site and I was bowled over! I confess that I have only given the occasional thought to the club over the years, though the photo. attached, has always had a place on my mantle piece and I still remember it as it was then, or how I remember it being then, brain cells and the passage of time permitting. My memory is hazy on the details but I do know that compared to 'my' club you have grown into a sophisticated successful enterprise. It must have taken some people a lot of hard work and enthusiasm to make the progression. Congratulations. Given your present circumstances, I doubt you could imagine how it was way back then.
A few of my memories are:
Having almost no supporters, mostly friends and family connections and most of them seemed to be more interested in other games taking place on adjacent fields. 
Being quite unsuccessful as a team, but enjoying ourselves VERY much.
Having to 'put in' for the bus on away games and singing all the way home.
Our 'changing rooms' were way across town in the bottle store of a pub ( 'The Grapes' seems to ring a bell, but maybe not, it would be nice if it was the Boar - continuity and all that). 
We washed up in tin baths and enjoyed a few ales brought to us from the bar in large enameled jugs, the only sponsorship we had. Your current list of sponsors is impressive. 
I think we could describe ourselves as larrikins, we played as best we could and were never deterred by our frequent losses.
I have attached a photograph from those days, which would have to be about late 1950s . In the picture I am standing behind the back row and unfortunately, try as I might, I no longer remember names, except my own which is slowly becoming something of a problem. Though maybe second from right, front row, could be Mick Burr. Seems to ring a distant bell. Looking at the happy faces, maybe that was one day when we won a game!
Best wishes

Brecon RFC 1954

Back Row

Danny James (Chairman); Ken Jones; ??????; Ray Iles; Dave Lane; Dai Watkins; Ron Jones; Graham Sinclair
Mike Hicks; Reg Evans (Committee); Joe Power; Ray Rees

Front Row

David Harvey; Mike Like; Reg Jones (Captain); Iwan Morgan; Gwyn Pugh